Minority Villages Tour

In Vietnam, 54 ethnic groups live. Ethnic minorities account for about 14 percent of the country’s total population.

Most people belonging to ethnic groups live in mountain ranges located in the north of the country, as well as in the western part of the country.

HueTouring.com offers

unique motorbike tour

in the western part of Central Vietnam, where there are small villages inhabited by some ethnic minority groups.

Given the remoteness of these ethnic villages from major cities, people living there have preserved their distinct identity, culture and way of life.

As a rule, villages are located away from transport roads, which allows them to avoid curious tourists. But at the same time, if you decide to visit their villages, the local residents will be very pleased with you.

Typically, the duration of the Minority Villages Tour ranges from one to two days. The tour can be organized as soon as to visit the villages of ethnic minorities, and can be combined with another tour.

Usually this tour is already included in the Hue Hoi An motorbike tour.

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