Question: What do I need to bring on a motorbike tour ?

You may need the following things:
– mosquito repellent;
– a bum-bag (fanny pack) for small items, camera etc…;
– anti rain clothes (jacket), during the rain season;
– sturdy footwear/riding boots (optional);
– long-sleeved t-shirt/biking jersey and combat/ biking pants;
– helmet, (already inclusive, but your ones fit you best);
– gloves, goggles (sunglasses);
– bandana, scarf or dust mask to cover your mouth, especially during the dry season;
– plastic bags or bag liner for clothes, money etc during the rainy season.

Question: Is it safe to drive a motorbike in Vietnam as a driver ?

The traffic in Vietnam is very rich. Especially in large cities.
A person who is not familiar with the features of driving a motorcycle in the country, in the beginning will be hard to get used to.
Therefore, we strongly recommend that you initially get comfortable and get your motorcycle driving skills in Vietnam. And only after that go on a separate trip on a motorcycle.

Question: Do we need to have insurance for motorbiking in Vietnam ?

Yes, you need to have a medical insurance, even if you are a just a passenger so that insurance will cover any accident.

Question: How long will we ride a motorbike during the day ?

This question does not have an exact answer.
Duration depends on many factors.
For example, the distance to be overcome in the daytime, the weather conditions, the fatigue of customers, the need for additional stops for rest, food or photography.
We begin our journey usually in the morning after breakfast, at 8-9 in the morning. Arrive at the end point of our one-day trip, we usually after lunch, around 4-6 pm.

Question: In which parts of the country do you organize tours on a motorbike ?

Basically, the routes of all our tours pass through the Central part of Vietnam. A more detailed list of tours is available on our website.
However, in exceptional cases, to meet the needs of our customers, we organize and conduct multi-day tours to more remote areas from the central part of the country. For example, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi or Sapa.

Question: How to get the most positive emotions from the motorbike tour in Vietnam ?

Vietnam is one of the best countries in Asia for motorbike tours. And for independent tours and tours organized by local travel agencies.
Stunning views, unique landscapes, friendliness of local people – it all contributes to the fact that thousands of people from all over the world have visited Vietnam and got acquainted with the country, traveling on a motorbike.
We recommend you to organize independent tours if you:
– have good motorbike driving skills;
– are not the first time in Vietnam and you familiar with the features of motorbike driving in the country and with the country.
In other cases, we recommend that you contact the professionals of your business, which is HueTouring.com

Question: What should I do if I want to book a motorbike tour from one city to another, but I have my luggage with me ?

You do not have to worry about this.
If your luggage is a backpack with which you travel, you can travel by motorbike along with your backpack. The backpack will be carefully packed and fixed on the back of the seat. There will be no inconvenience.
If your luggage is large (for example suitcases), we will ensure that your luggage is delivered by car on the right day to the right place in another city.