Our Team


We believe that it is thanks to people who are part of our team that we successfully exist and organize unforgettable motorbike tours around Vietnam

…and we are proud of our Team !

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Each of our motorbike guides is unique in its own way. Everyone has his own skills, knowledge and experience.

Thuan Nguyen (clients know him as Mr. T)
Mr. T is a high-class motorbike guide with knowledge of English. He organizes and carries out all motorbike tours offered by HueTouring.com
Mr. T has a tremendous driving experience along the roads of Vietnam.

Routes of tours that he organizes and runs from the central part of the country to the north of Vietnam. In addition to the excellent driving skills of a motorbike, Mr. T has extensive knowledge of the history of Vietnam and can easily replace any guide telling about the history and sights of the central part of the country.

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HueTouring.com in the person of our motobike guides, combines the best human qualities, such as integrity, responsibility and reliability.

Our team are including Family members those who are professional in driving, looking after you in every moment.

We are sure that getting acquainted with some of our motorbike guides will affect your decision to contact our company.

We will do our best to make your vacation, your trip on motobike remember for many years to come