Motorbike Rental


Why you need to rent a motorbike in Vietnam

Are you confident in your strengths and skills of self-management of a motorbike ?
Do you need the maximum positive emotions from traveling around Vietnam on a two-wheeled iron friend ?

We have what we can offer you.

  • Discard all doubts !
  • Take the maximum the degree of your emotions by yourself controlling a motorcycle !
  • Now you yourself control it !
  • Now you yourself feel all the power of the motor !
  • Now only you have the power over the motorcycle !

Ride a motorbike by yourself !


We are sure that an independent trip around the country is a conscious choice of everyone and you consider all the features of the traffic in Vietnam, as well as your skills and ability to drive a motorbike.

Given the wishes of our clients, we offer motorbike rental services.
Selecting the available transport means wide. These are motorbikes with both an automatic gearbox and with a mechanical. Powerful motorbikes designed for professional drivers. And vehicles designed for a quiet and not high-speed ride within the city.

Thanks to motorbikes rental,

you can pick up for yourself any motorbike

that is suitable for both cost and capacity.

Why you need to rent a motorbike in Hue or Hoi An

We will briefly outline the advantages of renting motorcycles in these cities of Vietnam.

  • The movement in these cities is not as chaotic as in large cities. It is much easier and safer to drive a motorbike.
  • Most of the sights that you must visit are not only within the cities, but also in the suburbs or even further away. It is much more convenient to get to these places on motobike.
  • Very popular with tourists are motorbike trips between these two cities. The road between Hue and Hoi An is not difficult. The quality of the route is very good. On the way, you can stop at any place you like. There are a lot of sights on the way from Hue to Hoi An.
  • Driving time between Hue and Hoi An is approximately 3-5 hours. Depending on how many stops you will make.

Motorbike rental prices

Our pricing policy is very flexible. We can pick up the motobike you need for any price.


How to book motorbike online

Just fill out online booking form below.
Indicate all your wishes. Starting from specific models of motobikes, scooters and up to the price that you plan to spend. If you do not know the specific models of motobikes or scooters, it’s okay. Just note this when filling out the form and our specialists will pick up for you the best and most reliable motorbike or scooter.
After receiving from you a request to rent a motorbike, we will soon contact you and confirm your booking for a specific model or we will offer the best option.
On the specified date and the specified time we will bring a motobike or scooter to your hotel.

Good luck on the roads of the country !