Hai Van Pass


One of the most beautiful and exciting routes on the motorbike that we offer our clients is the route that runs through the Hai Van Pass.


The pass crosses the section of National Highway No. 1A with a length of 21 km and about 500 miters in high. the Pass Based approximately 30 km from Danang city and 67 km from Hue Province. Ai Vân Quan is the peak of the Pass there is the formed boundary of 2 kingdoms ( Đại Việt kingdom in the north and Cham kingdom in the south). The Pass is still the border of weather between north and south of Viet Nam as well.

hue-touring (2).jpg

The Hai Van Pass is located on the border of the city of the central subordination of Danang and the Hue Province.

The Vietnamese call the name of the pass is Đèo Hải Vân- Cloudy Sea Pass, a reference to fogs rising to the pass from the sea, significantly worsening visibility. Historically, the pass was the boundary between the kingdoms of Champa and Daiviet and the only road connecting the south and the north of the country.

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